Forensic DNA Testing

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Our Forensic Infidelity Test is a two-step test that can detect the presence of DNA (semen or vaginal fluids) on a forensic sample (such as an undergarment) and then (if desired) compare this DNA to the DNA on a comparison sample.  All the paperwork for this test is online – simply print out and complete the necessary paperwork and send them along with your samples to us.  No material is ever mailed to you.



Our forensic program was built with the guiding principle that each individual sample has a story with considerable implications.  With systems built for efficiency and an eye for detail, each case and each sample undergoes comprehensive peer scrutiny prior to and subsequent to analysis to ensure accurate and defensible results.  Our forensic DNA services include STR analysis, (including the 13 core CODIS loci used by the FBI), Y-STR profiling, DNA casework and forensic paternity testing.